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Sharon Stafford | Creative Consulting | Screenwriter for Film | ABOUT



Sharon Stafford is a writer raised in Westchester, New York.  After college graduation, she continued her education at Parsons School of Design, New York City.  For over a decade, Sharon worked for major corporations in New York.


After relocating to California, she transitioned into the entertainment industry. For over ten years Sharon worked as an Independent Contractor in Los Angeles with major film studios, television networks and industry professionals including The Odyssey Network, the Hallmark Channel, MGM and Final Draft (software).


Sharon was a member of Beverly Hills Playhouse. She was cast in roles for film and television, acquiring experiential knowledge of every part of production, invaluable for script writing. 


For a greater understanding of characterization, she studied human behavior and psychology. To perfect the craft of writing for film as well as the nuances of dialogue, Sharon studied screenwriting, taught by Academy Award-winning screenwriter and director, Aaron Sorkin.


In addition to writing screenplays in Hollywood, Sharon began ghostwriting books. She is a published ghostwriter and co-author for a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.  



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