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Sharon Stafford Creative Consultant

Screenwriting for Film, Ghostwriting, Creative Writing, Copyediting, Proofreading

Do you have a story to be told but lack the time, skill, or energy, to put it into written form?  Do you lack confidence in your understanding of what makes a page-turner as opposed to a sleep inducer?


It's time to tell your story through a screenplay for film, write your book, share your feelings, or give the lessons learned through your experiences. Maybe you need only to breathe life into a story submerged in the depths of your imagination. Whatever your writing needs, I can help you find your voice to share it with the world.

Self-Publishing Assistance

Self-Publish an E-Book, Digital & Paperback Direct Publishing, Create Kindle E-Books,

Self-Publishing on, Boost Kindle Sales

Writing a book takes an enormous amount of passion, skill, and dedication to the craft, yet often, the most challenging part lies ahead. Publishing your story can be frustrating, at best. The process is time-consuming, often discouraging, and can be very expensive while signing over rights to your work.


I can help you self-publish your book, from cover to cover, and everything in-between. In doing so, you will hold onto the intellectual rights of your work while gaining options for higher income potential.

Sharon Stafford Creatve Consulting | self-publishing assistance
Sharon Stafford Creative Consulting | Optimized Web Development

Global Business Exposure

Sharon Stafford Creative Consulting | optimized web development
Website Design & Creation

Website Design, Web Development,

Responsive Design, SEO, Small Business Solutions

A website is the key component of your business.  Let's face it; it's your calling card to the world.  It stimulates sales and interest while gaining valuable leads.  With virtually unlimited outreach, it provides global business exposure.


Utilizing simple online strategies, you can promote your business at little to no cost while providing 24-hour access.  These tactics increase sales and customer satisfaction while cutting costs.


In today's technologically advanced "information age," everything is searched immediately on the Internet, using devices and via social media. If someone is interested in your product, easy access is required to move forward with a purchase, information, or a proposal. The first point of contact with a business is usually on a phone or tablet, before visiting the site using a computer.


Mobile and computer versions of your website must clearly and concisely define your business, making purchases simple with user-friendly technology.


Don't wait another day to move your business forward.  Let me help you take the next step toward a broader outreach, with cost-effective marketing, using advanced technology. Contact me for a free consultation.


Independent Consultant - Creative Services

Entertainment Industry, Creative Writer

Sharon is an Independent Consultant specializing in screenwriting for film and direct-publishing.


Sharon worked as an Independent Contractor in the entertainment industry for over ten years. She worked with major film studios, television networks, and industry professionals in Los Angeles. 


As a seasoned screenwriter, ghostwriter, and creative writer, Sharon breathes new life and ideas into struggling storylines, fragmented structure, and lackluster characters.


Sharon specializes in self-publishing e-books and paperbacks on, utilizing algorithms for Amazon specific SEO (search engine optimization).  Her direct publishing solutions protect the author’s intellectual property while providing informed decisions for higher income potential. 


With a demonstrated history in web design and development, Sharon is well versed in digital media, copyediting, and web content administration.

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